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Posted on Monday, June 5, 2023

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Monet Baer
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July 13, 2021 11:32 AM
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About A.Team:

A.Team is disrupting the way people work and the way companies hire their product teams, offering both sides a more flexible alternative to the traditional work structure.
With the first-ever Team Marketplace, companies and top product builders can discover each other — and build better together. Our cloud-based team model features rapid hiring and ramp-up time, scale-as-you-go flexibility, and friction-free team management.
The network of 3,000+ A.Teamers (developers, designers, product managers, etc.) come from companies like Facebook, Google, SpaceX, Coinbase, etc., who went independent to team up on challenges that matter to them. Cloud-based teams can self-organize organically, offering their services as “micro-studios”. They can also get matched with an ad hoc team on a company mission — leveraging the Team Graph (with hundreds of team data signals) for intelligent team formation.
To build the future of teams, we’ve teamed up with leading venture capital firms (NFX, Box Group, First Minute, and Village Global), founders and executives from today's most disruptive companies such as Apple, Upwork, and Future of Work Pioneers Dan Ariely and Adam Grant.

Write about the Future of Work (and Teams)!

The Future of Work is now. More and more, employees are desiring more flexible and autonomous work structures, from multi-work (the ability to work for more than one company) to remote and on-demand engagements. And this challenge to traditional work structure is beneficial to employers too. The ability to build elastic teams in the cloud (resourcing that responds dynamically to the needs of each phase of a product) is more economical for clients — taking budgets 3-4x further. Help us write about team building in a modern workforce, how to work with remote teams, and how elastic resourcing will change the Future of Work.

What You'll Achieve

About You:

Write 2 blog posts per week
Work with Content Strategist, executing against detailed content briefs where you will get direction on:
Outline of main points
SEO keywords
Relating the topic to a A.Team value prop and CTA.
Respond to feedback, and get your work published every week.
B.A. or B.S. in Marketing, English, Journalism or related field
4+ years of experience in content writing, journalism, or a similar role
Portfolio of published B2B writing samples
Proven ability to communicate effectively with team members and clients
Ability to work cross-collaboratively with team members to ensure client stories are in-line with company voice and client expectations

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Meet the team:

Check out short bios of the team you will be working with.
Tori Curtis, Head of Product Marketing
Monet Baer, Chief of Staff + Customer Success
Raphael Ouzan, Founder & CEO
Kobi Masri, Founder & COO
Tori is the Founding Product Marketing Manager at A.Team. After a few moons & sun rotations Ad agencies like Grey & McCann, building brand experiences for clients like Volvo, Verizon, Ally Bank, and Cigna, Tori found herself fascinated with FinTech and its potential to level out the playing field. So, she joined MoneyLion’s in-house creative team, working on brand and product — leveraging technology to give more people access to private banking tools. Passionate about what innovation can do to push society forward, Tori joined A.Team to empower companies solving the world's toughest problems — with teams.
Monet, the Chief of Staff at A.Team, has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and always seeks to make an impact through work that improves social well-being and redefines work in the modern world. She is one of the Founding team members of A.Team and focuses on ensuring a unique and meaningful client experience for every customer.
Raphael, the Founder and CEO of A.Team, is a technologist with a habit of founding and investing in companies that empower human capital development and decentralize economic opportunity. His latest company is A.Team. With a strong understanding and empathy for both the supply and demand side of product development, Raphael began in 2019 to build the thing he wished he had as a young coder and repeat founder — a way to form the best teams, repeatedly. And so A.Team was born — in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which further accelerated the need for remote, on-demand teams.
Kobi, the COO and Founder of A.Team, has a background in data and software engineering and was previously a consultant at McKinsey where he lead TMT engagements in strategy and corporate finance, AI/ML and automation. His passion lies in creating systematic processes that empower automation and lead to world-class team formation.

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