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Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Developer Relations


We're building a platform that helps developers create leading AI apps and features. Our goal is to empower developers to create the next million customized models with their data.
LLM app development is changing how engineers work with models, combining code, prompts, and datasets, and iteratively improving with frequent prompt improvements, evaluations, and model fine-tuning.
In many cases, prompt collaboration happens across technical and non-technical domain experts. Developers integrate into their development lifecycle and domain experts make frequent prompt improvements. This allows them to run daily experiments with detailed analysis and feedback.
Our team includes AI, design, and product veterans who have scaled multiple companies and led teams at Productboard, Skyscanner, Amazon, and AgentHQ. We’re builders, explorers, and care deeply about helping our users build amazing products.
We're backed by Firstminute Capital and leading founders/experts.

About the role

We are looking for a DevRel expert to enable product engineers and teams to build exceptional AI-powered apps. You will work with engineers at leading tech companies who value high-quality, rapidly-iterated tools on the cutting edge of AI. These users expect exceptional documentation, tutorials, and resources.
In this role, you will significantly expand our 1300+ developer community by creating content like blog posts, docs, and tutorials. Working closely with platform developers and users, you will deeply understand their needs and pain points.
You will then develop resources and open source code to accelerate their work. Additionally, you will collaborate with the full team to create well-documented product releases with engaging, hands-on demos.
Everyone at writes code. We are building a remote-first culture with in-person summits and low-key meetups several times per year. We provide competitive salary and equity compensation.

We’re looking for someone with…

4+ years of experience as a DevRel (or similar)
A background of building in public and interesting Github projects
Experience with prompts, fine-tuned models, and explored many models/apps
Previous experience founding or working at startups
A strong social media following

On an average day you will…

Talk to developers to understand their needs
Ideate, write, and optimize content and documentation
Innovate on behalf of our customers using your intuition
Build community around the Klu platform
Roll up your sleeves and get shit done
End the day proud of what you’ve done
Collaborate with the team to identify and solve complex problems

We offer you…

A no rules, common sense environment
An amazing product and field to explore
Competitive salary regardless of your location
A sane work culture with no standing meetings
Equity ownership in and the ability to shape Klu
An amazing, fully remote team who get shit done
Equity Ownership – Unlimited PTO – Team Retreats