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Posted on Monday, September 4, 2023

Developer advocate

About Quickwit

Quickwit, Inc. is the company behind Quickwit, the fastest search engine on cloud storage. Founded in late 2020 and incorporated in the U.S., the company has raised a seed round from two VC firms and comprises 6 engineers. Paul Masurel, the CEO and CTO of Quickwit, is the creator of tantivy, a highly performant search engine library written in Rust that has rallied a great community of users since its inception.

About the Role

Our strategy is bottom-up developer adoption, driving revenue through commercial licenses and distribution partnerships. Developers are our users; companies are our paying customers.

In the longer term, we want to provide paying enterprise features (security, encryption,…) and eventually have a cloud offering.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve gathered a growing community:

  • 4k+ GitHub stars on Quickwit and 8k+ stars on Tantivy.
  • 115k blog post views.
  • 150+ instances running Quickwit daily.
  • 150k+ Docker image pulls.

We’re hiring a Developer Advocate to take the reins of content creation and community management to boost our growth:

  • You will define our content and social media strategy and execute it with the team's help; we want everyone in the company involved in writing the documentation and/or technical content.
  • You will develop relationships with developers from different backgrounds: from young developers discovering the search domain to more experienced developers looking to scale their search and analytics engine to petabytes efficiently.

What you will do

  • Improve the overall product experience: identify gaps (documentation, APIs, CLI, low-hanging fruit features) and fix them or surface those issues to the dev team.

  • Educate the world on Cloud-Native Search and Analytics.

    • Writing, editing, and managing content (articles, tutorials, video demos/walkthroughs, engaging demos and experiments…) to engage developers at scale on our social media, blog, newsletters…
    • Coordinating content produced by the team.
    • Producing high-quality documentation.
    • Owning the content calendar and ensuring we are publishing content every week.
    • Talking to relevant conferences (FOSDEM, KubeCon, local meetups, …)
  • Grow our audience.

    We already had some success on Twitter, Reddit, and Hackernews. You will define the strategy for social media; your responsibilities will include the following:

    • Driving adoption of Quickwit via our social channels (Twitter, Reddit, and HackerNews).
    • Organizing new product or feature launches.
    • Experimenting with new social channels.
  • Engage with our users.

    Quickwit has a Discord server with 500+ members, and we have dozens of contributors on Quickwit and Tantivy repositories. You will be responsible for:

    • Growing our Discord server.
    • Organizing community events like Streaming events, IRL dinners, meetups, etc
    • Establishing strong relationships with Quickwit users who help to spread the word about Quickwit.
    • Capturing feedback, feeding it back into our roadmap, and conveying our roadmap and progress back to the user community to close the loop.
  • Track performance.

    • Improving and monitoring the list KPIs to track: GitHub stars, the number of instances running Quickwit…

What we are looking for

  • You have experience as a professional software engineer.
  • You can create clear and creative technical writing and demonstrate this by sharing long-form writing samples if required.
  • You have experience producing and managing content on various channels.
  • You are excited to speak with users and advocate for their needs.
  • You are comfortable presenting to large developer audiences.
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English.

Bonus points

  • Experience building and managing open-source communities.
  • Experience in observability and/or search domain.


We are a company run by engineers, building a search and analytics product for all developers. We are committed to providing the best UX and performance engine in the search and analytics realm.

We value decentralized ownership, honesty, and humility. Building a great product requires making continuous decisions; most of the time, the best decisions result from objective, honest discussions by the people closest to the problem.

Finally, we are early: a small team of 6 very nice engineers, and you will get the opportunity to improve and shape our culture.

Company info

Our team is fully distributed, and our members work from Japan, Taiwan, France, and the U.S. However, this position is open for engineers working in Europe.

We have a small flexible office space in Paris for folks who want to work together IRL, but it’s purely opt-in.


This is a full-time position. The compensation range for the role is 80-110k€ + 0.25-1% of equity and follows our international policy documented here.

How to apply?

Interested? Please send us an email with your resume or LinkedIn profile at

One thing we have found helpful to communicate in this first email: some projects, pieces of code, or blog posts you are particularly proud of.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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