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Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024

Established in 2017, Storyblok has rapidly ascended to the forefront of the global headless CMS landscape. Our vision is to “pioneer the future of content management, removing barriers between developer and marketing teams by offering an intuitive, scalable, and intelligent platform to deliver digital experiences from idea to success”.

Our team is made up of smart, passionate individuals who excel in their work. People who are comfortable taking on big ideas and figuring out the details along the way. With a dynamic team of over 220+ passionate individuals spanning 45+ countries, we're not just breaking boundaries; we're redefining them!

Our recent $80m Series C funding round, secured in June 2024, marked a crucial milestone for us. It has fueled our remarkable growth in the US market and accelerated our ongoing expansion and advancements across EMEA.

We're proud recipients of numerous awards, including recognition in G2's 2024 Best Software Awards. As a remote-first company, we have been officially recognized as one of the top 100 most flexible places to work, ranking #3 in the scale-up category as per Flexa Careers.


You will be joining a growing company where you can contribute to many “firsts”. Plus these benefits:

  • Monthly remote work stipend (home internet costs, electricity). Home office equipment package right at the start (laptop, keyboard, monitor…)
  • Home office equipment upgrade (furniture, ear plugs …) or membership to a local co-working space after your onboarding
  • Sick leave benefit, parental leave and 25 days of annual leave plus your local national holidays
  • Personal development fund for courses, books, conferences, and material
  • VSOP (Virtual Stock Option Plan)
  • The annual international team-building trip, quarterly and monthly online get-togethers
  • As a fully remote company, with work-life balance at its core, you’ll enjoy flexible schedules
  • An international team that loves to have fun at work and works hard together to accomplish shared goals


As a Strategic Alliance Manager at Storyblok, your primary responsibility will be to drive the creation and ongoing enhancement of strategic alliances with Global Systems Integrators (GSIs) and key implementation groups. Your role is crucial in fostering and maintaining commitment through shared go-to-market (GTM) initiatives, co-creating and capitalising on business opportunities. By leveraging these partnerships, you will play a pivotal role in broadening Storyblok’s reach and enhancing its utilisation.


  • Alliance Relationship Development: Build and deepen relationships with Global Systems Integrators (GSIs) and major implementation partners. Gain a thorough understanding of each partner’s business model, key players, and strategic direction. Engage regularly with various levels within partner organisations, including sales, marketing, technical, and project management.
  • Business Opportunity Identification: Identify and co-develop business opportunities, aligning Storyblok’s capabilities with partners' needs and creating unique value propositions. Focus on aligning and exploiting overlaps in partner ICPs as a core aspect of identifying synergistic opportunities.
  • Strategic Go-To-Market Planning: Craft and execute detailed go-to-market plans with partners, encompassing joint marketing initiatives, co-selling strategies, ICP mapping, and market penetration tactics.
  • Trust Building and Partnership Strengthening: Foster trust and strengthen partnerships to ensure robust and lasting relationships. Maintain open, transparent communication with regular touchpoints and feedback mechanisms.
  • Review and Progress Tracking: Conduct annual business reviews and quarterly assessments of partnership progress. Facilitate regular meetings to review developments, pipeline opportunities, and strategize on joint ventures.
  • Internal Collaboration and Support: Enable Storyblok’s Account Executive team to effectively engage with alliance partners by discussing projects, pipeline opportunities, and joint business ventures.
  • Advocacy and Enterprise Usage Enhancement: Drive advocacy for Storyblok within partner organisations, focusing on the value and benefits of our solutions. Increase enterprise adoption and usage of Storyblok by aligning efforts with partners’ Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).
Success Metrics:
  • Growth in Partner-Generated Revenue: Track a measurable increase in revenue directly attributed to strategic alliance partnerships. This includes quantifying the financial impact of aligning and exploiting overlaps in partner ICPs.
  • Expansion of Partner Network: Achieve successful onboarding of new GSIs and key partners, with a specific focus on expanding into targeted regions such as AMER and EMEA. Monitor the integration of these partners into co-developed business opportunities and joint GTM strategies.
  • Enhanced Partner Engagement: Demonstrate an increase in partner engagement levels, measured through metrics such as frequency of interactions, depth of joint initiatives, and the scale of collaborative projects. Include the effectiveness of ICP mapping and targeted market penetration efforts in this evaluation.
  • Increased Enterprise Adoption: Foster growth in the adoption of Storyblok by enterprise clients through partner channels. This metric should reflect the success of strategic initiatives designed to align Storyblok’s offerings with partner capabilities and market needs.
  • Strong Partner Satisfaction Scores: Maintain high satisfaction ratings from alliance partners, which indicate effective relationship management and mutual value creation. These scores should reflect the robustness of the strategic alliances and the perceived value of Storyblok within partner organisations.
  • Alignment with Partner Goals: Develop metrics to assess the degree of alignment between Storyblok’s strategic objectives and partner goals, especially in relation to shared market pursuits and customer profiles. This includes evaluating how well partnership activities support the mutual growth of Storyblok and its partners in their respective markets.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
  • Quarterly Revenue Targets from Partnerships: Responsible for monitoring and achieving quarterly revenue targets from strategic alliances, with a focus on analyzing revenue streams directly attributed to partnership activities.
  • Co-Selling Initiatives: Tasked with measuring the number and success of co-selling initiatives with partners, evaluating the effectiveness of collaborative sales strategies and their impact on revenue.
  • Co-Marketing Campaigns: Oversee the execution and evaluation of joint marketing campaigns with partners, measuring metrics such as reach, engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates to highlight the synergy between Storyblok’s and partners’ marketing strategies.
  • Number of New Strategic Partnerships Maintained: Track and integrate new GSIs and implementation partners into the Storyblok ecosystem, targeting strategic fits and potential for long-term value creation, especially in key growth regions like AMER and EMEA.
  • Partner Retention Rate: Calculate and optimize the percentage of strategic partners retained, demonstrating the effectiveness of relationship management strategies and alignment with mutual business goals.
  • Alignment and Overlap in ICPs: Develop and apply metrics to assess the alignment and exploitation of overlaps in Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) between Storyblok and its partners, analyzing how this influences partnership strategies and impacts market penetration and customer acquisition.


  • Strategic Thinking and GTM Ideation: Capable of developing innovative go-to-market strategies and long-term plans to sustain strong partnerships. Expert in executing GTM plans that align with both Storyblok’s and partners’ objectives.
  • Business Opportunity Identification: Skilled in identifying new business opportunities by understanding market trends, partner capabilities, and customer needs. Proficient in aligning and exploiting overlaps in partner ICPs for synergistic opportunities.
  • Relationship Management: Strong in building, negotiating, and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders across partner organisations.
  • Analytical Skills: Adept at analysing partnership performance metrics and financial data to drive strategic decisions and develop targeted marketing and sales strategies.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent in verbal and written communication, effectively conveying complex strategies clearly and persuasively to alliance personas.
  • Adaptability and Project Management: Ability to adapt to market feedback and changes in the business environment while managing multiple projects and prioritising tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Technical Acumen: Knowledge of technical aspects related to Storyblok’s offerings, with the ability to engage effectively with technical stakeholders within partner organisations.
  • Customer-Centric Mindset: Focused on aligning efforts with partners’ and clients’ Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), ensuring strategies meet end users’ needs and enhance satisfaction.


Remote (home) work opportunity or funded by Storyblok co-working space


Storyblok has a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We strive to create a hiring environment in which all people feel they are equally respected and valued, irrespective of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion, citizenship or any other characteristic. You can find more information about our privacy policy here.

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