2 Warehouse worker - Nassaukade 1 2



Posted on Monday, July 31, 2023

2 Warehouse worker - Nassaukade 1 2

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Permanent·Working student·Contract

Working hours

Full time


25 € per hour

Job description

Warehouse Worker - Teero Organization

Job Description: Teero organization is searching for a reliable Warehouse Worker to assist in managing our day-to-day warehouse operations. The Warehouse Worker will be responsible for loading and unloading goods, organizing items in the warehouse and ensuring that goods are safely stored. He/she should be committed to meeting deadlines and ensuring process accuracy at all times.

Job Responsibilities:
• Load and unload items from trucks and move goods around the warehouse
• Inspect items for damage and check the accuracy of incoming and outgoing items
• Stock shelves with goods and prepare orders for delivery
• Manage and maintain records of goods, inventory and shipment activities
• Ensure safety regulations are followed and work processes are optimized
• Support sales and other departments in meeting organizational goals
• Assist in taking inventory and keeping records of stock levels
• Assist other teams when needed, in order to ensure smooth operations within the warehouse

Job Requirements:
• High school diploma, GED or equivalent qualification
• Proven experience as a Warehouse Worker in a similar environment
• Knowledge of safety standards, regulations and rules
• Ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently
• Ability to read and interpret documents
• Good communication and organizational skills
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Good problem-solving skills




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