Product Manager, Safety & Assist Functions



London, UK
Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2024

Who we are

Established in 2017, Wayve is a leader in autonomous vehicle technology, driven by breakthroughs in Embodied AI. Our intelligent, mapless, and hardware-agnostic technologies empower vehicles to navigate complex environments effortlessly.

Supported by prominent investors, Wayve is advancing the transition from assisted to fully automated driving, making transportation safer, more efficient, and universally accessible. Join our world-class, multinational team of engineers and researchers as we push the boundaries of frontier AI and autonomous driving, creating impactful technologies and products on a global scale

Where you will have an impact

In this pivotal role as a Product Manager, you'll spearhead the development and integration of Wayve’s essential ADAS functionalities. Your role will focus on defining the scope and priorities for base ADAS features like Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Traffic Sign Assist (TSA), and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), ensuring they align with market demands and our strategic vision for end-to-end driving functionality. By working closely with cross-functional teams within the automotive and engineering groups, you will help shape the feature definitions, set performance benchmarks, and drive the overall direction for advanced driver-assistance systems. Your commitment to a clear product vision will directly enhance our vehicle’s performance and user experience.

Challenges you will own

ADAS Feature Definition and Prioritization: Collaborate extensively with engineering and automotive teams to define the feature set for base ADAS capabilities. Your role involves setting detailed requirements, performance objectives and aligning them with the automotive industry’s standards and our strategic goals.Customization and Innovation in ADAS: Drive the innovation of ADAS features to meet diverse OEM specifications while ensuring scalability and minimising engineering complexities. You will be responsible for the customization requirements per OEM, adapting features to cater to different market needs and integration levels.Strategic Roadmap Development: Maintain and evolve the strategic ADAS feature roadmap as our technology progresses towards higher autonomy levels. Your insight will be crucial in navigating the transition from current ADAS features to future, more advanced systems, including eyes-off autonomy capabilities. This includes forecasting changes, planning feature evolution, and setting the pace for development timelines.

We understand that everyone has a unique set of skills and experiences and that not everyone will meet all of the requirements listed below. If you’re passionate about self-driving cars and think you have what it takes to make a positive impact on the world, we encourage you to apply.

What you will bring to Wayve

  • Experienced in Automotive: With a solid background in the automotive sector, you possess detailed knowledge of automotive standards, consumer preferences, and the intricacies of vehicle automation. This expertise is crucial in steering the development of ADAS functions from L2 to full autonomy.
  • Customer-Centric Visionary: You bring a deep understanding of OEM needs and market dynamics, enabling you to prioritise ADAS features effectively. Your decisions are shaped by a robust knowledge of user expectations, ensuring that each feature adds tangible value.
  • Strategic Prioritizer: Your expertise lies in identifying and advancing key initiatives that align with Wayve’s strategic goals. You excel in balancing numerous priorities, focusing on initiatives that significantly impact technological progress and customer fulfilment
  • Collaborative Innovator: You excel in a collaborative environment, driving product development by bridging diverse internal teams and external partners. Your ability to build and maintain cooperative relationships is essential for the seamless integration of innovative features into our products.
  • Articulate Communicator: Armed with exceptional communication skills, you adeptly convey complex technical details and strategic visions to all stakeholders, ensuring clarity and alignment across the board.
  • Adaptable and Versatile: You are highly flexible, capable of adjusting to new challenges and shifting priorities. Your readiness to tackle diverse tasks beyond conventional role limits makes you a valuable asset to our dynamic team.


  • Deep Experience with ADAS: Proven expertise in autonomous and assisted driving technologies. You know your way around comfort, safety, lane keeping, and other assisted driving features and what it takes to develop and test them
  • Strong Automotive Background: Extensive knowledge of automotive processes, standards, V-model, and associated quality and safety standards
  • Customer-Oriented Product Mindset: A forward-thinking approach that anticipates future customer needs and market trends, ensuring that ADAS features not only meet current demands but also integrate seamlessly into evolving automotive technologies.
  • Analytical Proficiency: Ability to set clear, measurable goals for product performance and prioritise effectively to ensure alignment with Wayve’s strategic objectives and operational requirements.
  • Collaborative Leadership: Demonstrated ability to work proactively and collaboratively across different teams and disciplines, fostering an environment that accelerates product development and innovation.


  • You have defined, developed, and shipped complete ADAS features or functions into production programs at scale
  • Solid understanding of automotive quality and safety standards (ASPICE, SOTIF, ISO26262, …) as well as the compliance regime around them (GSR-II, DCAS, …)
  • Knowledge of, and interest in, recent advancements in generative AI methods and architectures, such as LLMs, which can contribute to innovative ADAS solutions and feature sets.
  • Exceptional Communication Skills: Strong ability to convey complex technical concepts and product strategies effectively, ensuring alignment among all stakeholders from technical teams to business partners.
  • Innovativeness in Product Development: A creative and proactive approach to exploring new product features and advancements in ADAS, ensuring that Wayve stays ahead of industry trends and maintains its competitive edge.

What we offer you

  • The chance to be part of a truly mission driven organisation and an opportunity to shape the future of autonomous driving. Unlike our competitors, Wayve is still relatively small and nimble, giving you the chance to make a huge impact
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • A dynamic and fast-paced work environment in which you will grow every day - learning on the job, from the brightest minds in our space, and with support for more formal learning opportunities too
  • A culture that is ego-free, respectful and welcoming (of you and your dog) - we even eat lunch together every day
  • Benefits such as an onsite chef, workplace nursery scheme, private health insurance, cycle scheme, therapy, yoga, two onsite bars, large social budgets
  • This is a full-time role based in our office in London. At Wayve we want the best of all worlds so we operate a hybrid working policy that combines time together in our offices and workshops to fuel innovation, culture, relationships and learning, and time spent working from home. We also operate core working hours so you can be where you need to be for family and loved ones too. Teams determine the routines that work best for them.

At Wayve we're committed to creating a diverse, fair and respectful culture that is inclusive of everyone based on their unique skills and perspectives, and regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, ethnicity, age or religious belief

DISCLAIMER: We will not ask about marriage or pregnancy, care responsibilities or disabilities in any of our job adverts or interviews. However, we do look to capture information about care responsibilities, and disabilities among other diversity information as part of an optional DEI Monitoring form to help us identify areas of improvement in our hiring process and ensure that the process is inclusive and non-discriminatory.